The “Passerschluchtenweg” Path

Experience the power of water really close to the action

At the upper reaches of the Passirio river, between S. Leonardo and Moso, an impressive path through the gorge.
The power of water plays a very important part in the Val Passiria valley. By car or public bus from Merano you reach S. Leonardo. Starting at the sports ground of S. Leonardo, the path follows the marker no. 1. After about 1 km a bridge leads us to the southern side of the valley. Here the new arranged “Schluchtenweg” path starts. A complex construction of metal bridges and stairs overcomes the difficult sections in the gorge, which extends about 5 km up until Moso.

Approx. 340 metres in altitude have to be managed until we reach our destination, always with particular impressions of the forces of nature and a view on the wildly rushing Passer river and the Stulles Waterfalls on the opposite valley side. Long sections of the route proceed across grillages, which are perfect viewing platforms and care for step security. About 10 minutes off our route, the Hinterbrugger Farm Inn is located, which is a good possibility to have a break. The last section of our tour proceeds across larger bridge constructions until close to Moso in Passiria. Here we take the possibility to walk towards Plata and come back to S. Leonardo again along the path no. 6.

Starting point: San Leonardo in Passiria, sports ground
Distance: 6 km (each direction)
Markers: 1, Passerschlucht, Moso
Altitude difference: 340 m
Altitude level[/fett]: 640 - 970 m asl.[fett]Features: stairs, grillage bridges
Walking time: about 2.5 hours (each direction)
Please note: if you want to save the way back, you can also take the public bus back to San Leonardo and/or to Merano




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