Horse Riding in Meranerland

Horse riding has long been one of the Meranerland’s favourite sports! In the 40’s, the Merano Race Course welcomed the very best of pure-blood horses from all over the world to its annual race meetings and the nearby Hafling high mountain plateau is known for its very particular Haflinger horses which are ideal for amateur riders as well as for local farmers’ races.
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In some horse riding stables you will get a discount showing your Guest Card, don’t forget to have it always with you!
The home of the Haflinger horses
Hafling is located on the sunny plateau above Merano, the Tschögglberg, just 10 km from the hotel Eremita-Einsiedler, and it is the home and namesake of a very particular horse breed: the Haflinger horses. Haflingers are intelligent and easy to train and thus especially suited to first-time riders and children’s mounts. But their vivid, expressive eyes prove the strength and energy they have.

Horse riding trips for the whole family
There are numerous horse riding stables with horses of all races and sizes throughout the Meranerland region, for examples the Merano town horse riding stables, as well as stables in Lana and in Hafling where riders can choose between guided excursions with horses and ponys, riding lessons and other offers.

Who would venture a ride, can book one of the many riding stables and enjoy a wonderful panorama on the surrounding mountains of the Ortles and Texel group of the Ötztal Alps, the Brenta Group and the Dolomites from the back of a horse.

Treat yourself with something special: a cozy carriage trip makes your holiday a very special experience.

  • pony-riding for children
  • riding lessons
  • group riding-excursions
  • carriage trips



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